Meet Lubna, the artist behind Griffonaz, a doodling adventure

She describes herself as an architect by day and an artist by night. Lubna's drawings and illustrations can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the name of Griffonaz.

Lubna is the artist behind the painting brush of the social media account, Griffonaz. She was born and raised in Mauritius and is currently living in Asia. Lubna is an architect by profession. When she is not drawing, painting or illustrating, she likes to read and keep in touch with her family and best friends who live all over the world.

Griffonaz joined the Instagram community in July 2017. Lubna initially posted to share her art with her family and friends as it saved her from keeping up with different time zones. Her drawing chronicles depict her travelling adventures and other snippets of Mauritian culture.

Lubna has since received a lot of appreciation from the local community and Mauritians living abroad. She wants her drawings and illustrations to reunite Mauritians, like her, who are living abroad with their counterparts from all around the world with humour and a dash of sarcasm.

We asked Lubna some questions as she inspires us with her story and her art. We also collaborated to create the illustrations for The Diary of Bear:

Tell us more about you

I like to read, write and doodle. I am very passionate about travelling, learning different languages and exploring new cultures. I see life as an adventure and inspiration. Literature, art and creativity is the way my life becomes colourful. I use social media to showcase my creativity and connect with the artistic community.

What was your dream,

as a child

I remember always wanting a different profession every other day. Some days I wanted to become a teacher, or a lawyer but most of the time my ideal job was to become a full-time princess! I also wished that I would work as a social worker in my spare time.

as a teenager

I had this idea that I wanted to live in New York City and become a writer or editor for a woman’s magazine. I would also write this weekly column in the newspapers about gender issue and women empowerment. As a teenager, I was quite obsessed with reading, writing and art history.

as an adult

As a young adult, I wanted to explore a career that would satisfy both the right and left side of the brain. I found architecture to be the perfect blend to achieve that.


I am currently finishing my Master’s in Architecture. I am also the founder of Griffonaz, a social media platform where I can freely express my art and creativity. I also aim to travel as much as I can and learn about different cultures and create new experiences.

What do you like the most about Griffonaz

I like that Griffonaz creates this space where I can experiment with my creativity. I also appreciate the interactions that comes with sharing on social media. I receive feedbacks and appreciation ranging from strangers who live in faraway countries, to Mauritians living abroad. I also get to reconnect with my primary school friends. It’s a really amazing experience where I get to make new friends everyday.

What have you learnt since this journey began

I created Griffonaz as a platform to share my art adventures with my family and friends. I have learnt that my work is not limited to my close circle and a lot of people all over the world can relate to it and enjoy it. I have also learned a lot in the field of digital art as in the beginning, I didn’t know how to use any illustration software. It has been quite an interesting journey and I am learning new things everyday.

What are your goals

I want to make more art by using Mauritian culture as a theme. I would love for Griffonaz to be a platform for Mauritians living abroad to reunite with their Mauritians counterparts from all around the world with humour and a pinch of sarcasm. I also aspire to have my own line of merchandise and possibly having my art published one day! Fingers crossed!

Where do you find inspiration for your work

I find inspiration from literature, my travels, film/tv, my friends, other artists and especially Mauritian culture. I constantly have ideas to do illustrations with Mauritian themes because I miss home from time to time. In a way including Mauritius in my drawings makes me feel connected to my roots.

Which artists inspire you?

Hergé is my all-time favourite!

I also appreciate the illustrations of Pascal Campion, Mike Lowery, Gemma Corell and Nick Seluk from The Awkward Yeti amongst many others. Catana comics and Thaakirah Jacobs work are especially endearing too.

Your favourite quote?

"What you seek is seeking you." - Mevlana Jaluldeen Rumi

In your own words?

Live one day at a time because everything is hard before it’s easy - Lubna, Griffonaz



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