Meet Margareta, the #WomaninFinance behind HoneyB, an upcoming lifestyle influencer

Margareta works in Finance by day and is a creative advocate by night. Her adventures and lifestyle tips and tricks can be found on Facebook and Instagram under HoneyB. We are also lucky to have her in the B Team at Coco et Fraise. She has always inspired us with her positive mind and attitude towards life.

Margareta's life has evolved around a series of adventures since day one.


The first began when her family moved to Mauritius after her birth in Slovakia. She embraced the island lifestyle throughout her childhood and teenage years. She made friends easily and was a regular participant in athletics, swimming and volleyball throughout high school.


Margareta's then moved to London with her best friend in tow ☺ Her family also moved to the same city which she counts as a blessing to have close by. At times ☺


She met Chris who has now been her partner in crime for over a decade. He has also been Margareta's main sidekick for most of her travels. Margareta's favourite destination to date is San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. The duo's family got bigger recently with the addition of Winston, the nearly 2 years old mischievous but gorgeous golden retriever. He is also the CEF in house therapist amongst many other things. Just look at this fella.


HoneyB joined the Instagram community in April 2017. The social media account reveals the natural adventurer in Margareta. She is also looking forward to a new but exciting challenge next month. She will be leading the creative campaigns for The Diary of Bear. The girl has exams at the moment.

HoneyB Photography

Tell us more about you

I am an adventurer, thrill seeker (the medium kind ☺) and a dog lover. I love nature and exploring the world. I have a budding passion for nature and travel photography. Winston is my favourite canine model. I want to use social media to share my adventure stories and to connect with fellow nature/dog lovers everywhere I go. I have a BSC in Accounting with Finance from Birkbeck, University of London. I am currently pursuing my CIMA qualification.

What was your dream,

as a child

I wanted to be an air hostess and travel the world.

as a teenager

I wanted to be a high flying professional living it up in the big city of London. You know, fly the nest.

as an adult

I wanted to have my own place and travel as much as I can.


I want to share positivity across the world and visit a new place/country/city once a year. Oh and be able to eat Colombian coffee gelato everyday with no consequences.

What do you like the most about HoneyB

It provides a great platform for my creative & adventurous side and allows me to work with wonderful people on issues we truly care about. And HoneyB has been the most wonderful platform to share my adventures with my fluff-ball Winston ☺

What have you learnt since this journey began

I’ve learned that life is not as black and white as I thought it to be. It taught me to be more open and to try new things.

What are your goals

On a serious note, I would want to change the amount of hatred, fear and anger that is around the world and fill it more with love & happiness. I am also focusing on the content strategy for HoneyB and TheDiaryofBear as I am keen to push their positive side to the world.

Where do you find inspiration for your work

I live in London which is a wonderful melting pot of different people and cultures. I was always surrounded with stories from Londoners’ ‘home towns’ whether it was Cornwall or Mauritius. This has inspired to see what is out there. Few things that London taught me and inspired me on a daily basis:

  1. To love different languages and expressions (mostly swear words)

  2. To love grilled Halloumi and Fish & Chips Fridays

  3. To love music

  4. To take care of my body and there is an infinite ways to look after yourself. #ThisGirlCan has inspired me with this process.

  5. To love pubs

  6. Dogs are the best

Which artists inspire you?

Your favourite quote?

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas A. Edison

In your own words?

How’s the accounting qualification/career going…? - HoneyB



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